TRP Token

Travel Related Purchase Token.

Travel Related Purchase (TRP) token aims to play a key role in the future of the multi-trillion dollar travel industry. TRP token is a decentralized ethereum based cryptocurrency developed to be a complete payment system. The TRP token payment system will make travel arrangements easier, extra convenient and more secure than ever. In addition it will offer an unparalleled bonus system with a secondary blockchain token.

Right out of the box investors of the TRP token ICO will receive (at least) an equal amount of this secondary blockchain crytpocurrency TPR (Travel Purchase Rewards) token. In addition to the presale and ICO bonus tokens, users of the TRP token payment system will accrue TPR tokens with subsequent travel related purchases at our industry partners for life!

TRP Token Wallet App

At the core of the TRP token payment system is our application and website. The TRP Token wallet application features multi-tiered security levels that use bleeding edge security measures. Users of the TRP token app can purchase TRP and TPR token with fiat currencies trade TRP for TPR token, send/receive TRP/TPR to friends or major cryptocurrency exchanges and of course purchase their airfare, hotel bookings, car rentals, etc with TRP token from travel vendors whom have integrated the TRP token payment system.

Industry Partners

Our goal is to implement the TRP token payment system with all major travel related businesses. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with airlines, airfare booking websites, hotels, accomodation providers and other booking websites. The implementation of TRP token will not only make travel more convenient, secure and rewarding for our users but it should force large and small venders to compete which in turn will help benefit travelers with lower prices and higher rewards.

Experience the Benefits of TRP Token

  • Convenient

    A currency solely dedicated towards your travel spending gives you the ability to confidently make payments and track your spending.

  • Security

    Our multi-tiered biometric identity verfied wallet accounts ensure security of TRP token holder's funds and virtually eliminate any chances of identity theft or fraud losses to travel related vendors.

  • Future Proof

    Blockchain cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a mainstream payment method. TRP & TPR Token gives travelers a smooth experience today and benefits for the future.

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