TPR Token

Travel Purchase Rewards Bonus Token

Travel Purchase Rewards (TPR) bonus token is the second part of our dual blockchain smart contract. TPR token will be issued as a bonus for all purchases made from travel vendors whom have opted in the TPR token payment system.

Distribution & Usage

Travel vendors that accept TRP token payments have agreed to distribute TPR tokens at varying rates as a bonus for your patronage. The TRP Token ICO period will likely be the only time you will receive TPR bonus tokens equal or greater to that of your TRP purchcase. In addition to receiving TRP token as a bonus for purchases, it can be traded and exchanged on all major exchanges just like any other cryptocurrency.

  • Discounts

    Similar to credit card rewards programs TPR token can be used for applying discounts to TRP token purchases.

  • Trading

    TPR token can be traded for TRP token as well as any other cryptocurrency or cashed out on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Safe Keeping

    Like any other cryptocurrency TPR token has the ability drastically increase in value. Saving your TPR tokens now will equate to extra cash later.

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