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ICO Schedule

When you take part in the TRP Token ICO you are not only purchasing the primary TRP (Travel Related Puchase) Token but you will receive varying amounts of the TPR (Travel Purchase Rewards) bonus token. After the ICO you will be issued both TRP and TPR tokens. After the ICO you will only receive TPR bonus tokens when you make purchases from travel vendors who are part of the TRP partner program. You can also will be able to trade for both TRP and TPR on most major exchanges.

TRP token ICO is scheduled to commence on Wednesday March 12th 2018 and conclude on Wednesday, April 11th 2018. Take advantage of the PRESALE Period to receive bonus both TRP and TPR tokens at the highest rate.

  • PRESALE PERIOD (Now to Mar. 12th) 36% of Todal Dsitubiton 30% TRP/TPR Bonus
  • 1st Week (Mar. 12 – Mar. 19) 24% of the total distribution 20% TRP/TPR Bonus
  • 2nd Week (Mar. 20 – Mar. 27) 20% of the total distribution 15% TRP/TPR Bonus
  • 3rd Week (Mar. 28 – Apr. 3) 12% of the total distribution 10% TRP/TPR Bonus
  • 4th Week (Apr. 4 – Apr. 11) 8% of the total distribution 5% TRP/TPR Bonus
  • Participate in the Crowdsale Now!

    The presale period has already begun. Only 36% of total distribution will be available for pre-sale with a 30% bonus rate for both tokens so invest now.

    The initial coin offering will start on March 12th, 2018 at 0:00 GST. If you would like to be notified of official start of our ICO please contact us.

    • TRP Token Wallet

      The TRP token application is a one-stop-shop for all travel related purchases, as well as your secure TRP / TPR token wallet.

    • Maximum Security

      Our TRP token application ensures maximum security through the latest high-tech biometric methods so you and your family's travel will be fully protected against any types of identity theft or fraud.

    • TPR Bonus Token

      By participating in the TRP token pre-sale and ICO you are entitled to Travel Purchase Reward (TPR) tokens our secondary blockchain as bonus.

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