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Meet the TRP Token team

Our team and advisors are an ecclectic group of people from different background and cultures largely located in 3 cities across Asia and Europe and we are looking to expand to all continents upon completion of our ICO.

Our Executives

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Our Team

Blockchain Developer
Full Stack Developer
Luiza Khabibullina
Marketing Manager
Álvaro López Cantero
Engineer / Programmer
Janak Kohli
Chusin Mateechaipong
Online/Offline Marketing
Palawast Jeamsaard
Tanat Yodwanlop
Security Specialist

Advisory Board

Hotels & Tourism
Travel Industry Expert
Vilma Palma
Anderson Beltran
Data Analysis
Philippe Forgez
Security Engineer
Arshad Rizvi
Tourism / Marketing
Apisornvut Srithep
Legal Advisor
Vinit Singh
Airline Expert
Jiraboon Narktong
Blockchain Advisor

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